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Monday, July 23rd 2012

2:59 AM

Preteen nude tits


Related article: Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 23:14:08 +0200 From: Anna Holm Subject: A Darkened RoomA Darkened Room -an erotic short story of dominance by Anna HolmA darkened room; in corners red candles are slowly dripping down from their gothic chandeliers. Two shivering shadows in each corner make the naked room tremble with fright. As the girl in the right corner looks over at the boy in the left corner she realizes that the walls are covered with chains and all kinds of other brutal toys homemade preteen sex that her innocence has not let her ever see before. 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He should know that she would not cause him more harm than he truly wants.Like a good dog for her, he gets on all fours and with anticipation he waits for the leather to hit him, naked from behind, but it is with great surprise that she shoves a giant dildo up his virgin little preteen naked ass. The pain is indescribable. Why would his mistress do this to him? Has he not always done to her what she wished for? He quivers, and lets out a muffled cry, but as she moves the toy in deep and xxx preteens illegal slow motions he realizes that his mistress always is right as he gives in to the pain and surrenders to the pleasure that he is dealed. And just as he reaches the cliff to forget himself, the movement stops. 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With the riding crop she gives her a rap on her fingers that makes hte girl draw her fingers back in agonizing pain and she licks her reddened hands like a hurt animal. preteen photo top She creeps backwards into her corner where she sits cooped up watching the mistress who is now proceeding toward preteen incest animation the boy who has just had enough time to regain his power and will to be pleasured.The mistress motions to the boy who had been sitting watching his mistress give into immeasurable pleasure. He had in awe watched the girl be choked by the moist sexual heart of the mistress, and he had longed to pleasure his mistress like that and to be so brutally bound down like the girl had and as if his dreams were answered the mistress grabs the rope that previously had been used and binds his hands and feet to the floor and while he is laying there, she gets two other toys from the corner of the room. One of them is a blindfold made out of rubber, the other is a long, black satinribbon, but since his eyes are covered he can only feel the mistress softly tying the ribbon around his scrotum. The mere touch of her makes him shiver with delight and the soft half-bone turns into the full-grown, throbbing log that his mistress so adores. She licks the head of it, lightly and then suddenly stops and for a while, there is only silence, and the boy starts to get scared and worried that he free preteen latinas has been left alone with his throbbing cock. Then he feels a slight tug at the satin ribbon, but it is gentle and not firm like the grip of a mistress. He wonders at the softness of the touch, but when the moisture takes him in whole and squeezes his vast log to the top of pleasure he forgets about everything and the satin ribbon is softly used like a rodeo leash. 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Monday, July 23rd 2012

12:00 AM

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